Wednesday, November 23, 2011

About "About My Books" Blog

Hello, I am Tim Linehan, Author and this is my blog, intended for reader/customer dialog with the author. I hope you will find my work interesting and rewarding to read.

My Bio:
Thomas F. Linehan, Jr., aka Tim was born and raised in rural Connecticut. He is an Engineering, IT and Project Management professional with 40 years of experience in major corporations in the Northeastern US. He is the Past President of the Bucks County (PA) Civil War Round Table and current member of the Central Delaware Civil War Round Table. He began his writing career in the late 1980's writing short stories for children. He is a graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature. His first YA historical novel, "Drums of Courage" about a Union Army drummerboy was originally published in 2005 and republished in 2011 for Paperback and Kindle. Tim is also a black belt martial artist, musician, sports car/motorsports enthusiast and student of history.

My first Young Adult (YA) Historical novel is "Drums of Courage" about a thirteen year old from Lansdale, Pennsylvania who enlists with the 71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the American Civil War. This ordinary teen of the 1860's deals with many personal trials while the war is going on around him. The military actions are accurate and true to the regimental history. The novel includes an extensive bibliography from my several years of research on the regiment and the battles they participated in. The book is republished through and available on and Kindle.

My current project (in progress) is a YA historical novel about the WWII Jewish partisans in Eastern Poland. This is the product of several years of research in Gratz College (Phila.) and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Wash. DC.

I hope I have aroused your interest. Please feel free to ask me about these books or the background research.   Happy reading!


  1. Very cool !Proud to be part of the club.

  2. Any chance a book from WWI could be in the works in the future?

  3. I loved this book - which is saying a lot as History is lower on my list of favoite subjects usually :). I am excited for the next one.
    Any thoughts on historical fact of the week or something? I would like to learn more if all learning is as interesting as the book Drums of Courage!

  4. I enjoyed meeting the shoppers and my fellow authors yesterday at the Browseabout Book Shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the Cat and Mouse Press event, "The 12 (or so) Writers of Christmas". It was a lot of fun. Discussing writing with colleagues and the Civil War with CW history lovers was very enjoyable. Thanks to Alex from Browseabout and Nancy from catandmousepress dot com for sponsoring the event.

  5. I will be at the Browseabout Book Shop tomorrow, Dec 20 in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with "Drums of Courage" for a book signing at 11am - 1pm. If you are in the area, please stop and say hi!